Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Great Fukushima Blackhole

  • The great Fukushima blackhole
    They started from 1950. They built reactors and nuclear power programmes mushroomed in Japan, USA,France,UK, Germany,USSR..They thought every increment of nuclear power would be available to meet the load demand. They were mistaken. All the power went to feed the nuclear industry itself. 445 nuclear reactors in the world 400 GW. Not a watt available to the society outside of the nuke industry.
    After Fukushima manmade n disaster, Germany backed out and wants to phase out, Japan appears to back out,France?!?
    My analysis of the Indian situation, pre nuclear and post makes the most disturbing revelation: Fukushima is an extinction event.
    With Fukushima exposed to the biosphere through the groundwater, air,solid earth and ocean, the source radiation from the fission products may be enough to cause enough infant mortalities in India alone to make India’s human population unstable. See
    Nuclear major accident probability was claimed at 1 in 1 million per reactor year. Little did they realise that human fallibility combined with ignorance of the cumulative effects of modern civilisation would home in and cause major accidents at 10 per 20000 reactor years or 1 in every 2000 reactor years- there are some 400 reactors- which means a major accident every five years! And more as we see great earthquakes occurring when dam contents surge in cumulative fashion: See
    People the world over must come to grips with the potential holocaust and take over the reins to check the rot. The time for business as usual is over. Nuclear deal makers open your brains and have a heart!
    The problem is so acute that the cumulative effects of modern civilisation are striking at the very roots of survival of all life. Please act nations wake up. Heed for example BUSBY’S finding that it is 1000 times the radlevel at Fukushima compared to the atmospheric test fallout and act NOW. Isolate the nuclear reactors and spent fuel pools as quickly as possible from the biosphere. SOS SOS

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