Monday, December 31, 2012

The Preventive Therapy By the Kudankulamese for Nucular Mania

Celebrating New Year With Brave Fighters Of Koodankulam
By National Fishworkers’ Forum

Koodankulam is all set to witness a different event; where people from various walks of life, from across India will be joining to celebrate New Year with the local people of the coastal villages of Tamil Nadu

A verse on the Universe on the Happy Occasion

117 years since the discovery of X-rays
Man is still groping and raping Mother Earth
In the utter myopia of  Plutoniuma's Maya
Nothing more tragic than the utter heaviness
Of the whole magic of fission
Creating a witch's brew
Juice infinitely costly!
Jharkhandi Uranium mines
Destroyed families in Jaduguda
The specialists forged the truth
Of the Internal emitters Uranium
The true facts only now revealed
Because others came to know
Independently the truth!
Creating a witch's brew
Created radionuclides
Which entered the biosphere
Each and every web of nature
Poisoned for millennia
Energy audits revealed
Only these killers receive
All the energy so produced
And more from Society
Years passed with nukes
The energy for people
Forever short
All life converted
Into nucular wastes
Brave are the Kudankulamese
Who are sharpening the knife
The democratic sword
To wield in time to yield
Forever non-clonal life
Healthy production
Healthy consumption
Healthy return
Of all taken from the one and only
Loving Mother Earth.
You will succeed by right action
In achieving your values
Which will shine everlastingly universally
Its the universe and the fight is for life
Forever in Health
Unity in Diversity.
Mankind non-homogeneous
We have hope in your non-homogeneity.
The good will overcome this evil 
The nuclear energy programmes
The entire nuke fuel cycle must be
Dismantled and the biosphere protected
There is only that one way for living.

Ramaswami Ashok Kumar
31 December 2012 2235 UTC

Saturday, January 21, 2012

What is the connection between buildings ablaze and dams?

Re: CHENNAI, January 20, 2012,The Hindu
Jayalalithaa's intervention raises hopes of saving Kalas Mahal T. RamakrishnanSowmiya Ashok

Climate change caused by excessive activities of modern civilization is at the root of many buildings set blaze. There have been extreme heat production by surging forces and bending stresses applied to the foundations by gigantic water inputs into and withdrawals from dams. Thus the entire longitude band of Ezhilagam,Chennai has been the location at all latitudes of earthquakes and searing hotspots. See Earthquakes in January 2012 and December 2011 as put out by IMD at their website under Seismology and see the hotspot map of the Web Fire mapper of the University of Maryland/NASA for the past 9 days from 21 Jan 2012. I predict that many more buildings will be set ablaze in this fashion in the months to come. Note also that there are hotspot clusters around Kalpakkam/Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant and nearby thermal plants and I will not be surprised if the plant catches fire. This information has scientific basis as detailed in my website under Ramaswami Ashok Kumar, Predicting Earthquakes and associated URLs like earthquakes caused by dams and collaterals of climate change. Recognise a pattern in the buildings set ablaze so far in India during the dry season and look for reasons on a globalised framework!
The Building: Ezhilagam, Location: 13.0604,80.2496

The Earthquakes:
Date, Time, Latitude, Longitude, Depth(km), Magnitude,MM

16/1/2012 ,050100 UTC, 29.7, 78.9 , 10km, 3.6 MM, Pauri(Gharwal) Uttarakhand

1/12/2011, 124818 UTC, 38.2 , 77.0, 21,5.4, S. Xinjiang,China

8/12/2011, 014834 UTC, 28.5, 77.0, 5, 2.6, Delhi-Haryana(Sonepat) Border Region

14/12/2011, 235525 UTC, 30.5, 79.3, 5, 3.2, District Chamoli, Uttarakhand

The Hotspot samples:

Latitude,Longitude, Date, Time(scanned by satellite), Brightness, Confidence Level

30.031, 80.337, 14/1/2012, 740, 313.1, 57%

18.59, 79.623, 13/1/2012, 525, 311.4, 48%

13.343, 79.592, 13/1/2012, 525 320.8, 73%

6.385, 80.287, 19/1/12.750, 315.1, 63%

See the hotspot map:

Now look at this fire in Mysore: 25 tonnes of wood gutted
Mysore, Jan 29,2012, DHNS:
Nearly 25 tonnes of wooden frames, comprising teak and rosewood, is suspected to have been gutted in an accidental fire at a godown in Bannimantap industrial area here on Sunday.
The fire broke at the godown of Manjunatha Plywood located behind a rice mill near railway goodshed around 4.30 pmIST) or 1100 hrs UTC on 29 January 2012.
Location: Latitude = 12.3340, Longitude = 76.6550
Earthquake in this longitude at Sonipat, Haryana Region:

28/01/2012 23:24:52 28.8°N 76.7°E 10 3.5 ROHTAK-SONIPAT DISTT BORDER REGION,HARYANA
29/01/2012 21:37:05 28.8°N 76.8°E 10 3.2 ROHTAK-SONIPAT DISTT BORDER REGION,HARYANA

Hotspots in this longitude band on 29 Jan 2012:

Total number of fires detected : 6

11.724 75.908 2012-01-29 08:30 315.3 57 1.1 1.0 A 5.0 295.2 14.6
14.022 75.721 2012-01-29 08:30 319.3 71 1.1 1.0 A 5.0 304.5 13.6
13.668 75.716 2012-01-29 05:25 315.0 53 1.1 1.0 T 5.0 299.9 10.6
12.745 79.516 2012-01-29 05:25 314.2 60 1.1 1.1 T 5.0 298.6 10.9
12.342 78.049 2012-01-29 05:25 316.0 63 1.0 1.0 T 5.0 301.5 8.7

Hotspots on 28th Jan12 in this longitude band:

Total number of fires detected : 2
11.947 79.481 2012-01-28 07:45 322.0 71 1.9 1.3 A 5.0 297.9 48.7
10.223 77.21 2012-01-28 17:10 306.6 47 1.0 1.0 T 5.0 284.6 15.4

No hotspots in the area on the 30th Jan 2012!
See the open source version of the Web Fire Mapper at
There was an earthquake on 30th Jan 2012 at longitude -75.6:
6.3 2012/01/30 05:11:01 -14.179 -75.644 39.2 NEAR THE COAST OF CENTRAL PERU
A lone hot spot three days earlier but none thereafter:
Total number of fires detected : 1
-10.706 -73.763 2012-01-27 18:30 310.4 21 1.1 1.0 A 5.0 291.5 5.5

An earthquake around this longitude band(-76.65) occurred on 25th Jan 2012:
4.5 2012/01/26 11:50:33 5.600 -77.399 22.3 NEAR THE WEST COAST OF COLOMBIA

With such interlinked dangers of cumulative effects of modern civilization therefore applying the precautionary principle:
Abandon Nuclear Power Plants and phase out modern civilization and adopt a normal way of life which returns to mother earth whatever it takes from her, on a war footing worldwide.
and the other URLs there as you scroll down:
Instead of dams have forests worldwide and redesign living into small self sufficient communities.